Your comment confuses me.

How can you be against identity politics and then for class awareness?

If you're aware of class you must be aware of your own class. If you are also aware of the economics of your class, that becomes the basis of your view of economics and your attempt to make things better for yourself and, by extension, others in the same class. That IS identity politics.

Also, find me a single neo-liberal that is woke. Actual wokeness is a trait of the liberal and progressive left, neo-liberalism and fake wokeness* is on the right (as is the caricature of wokeness that Fox News pundits and their ilk use to berate the left).

*Fake wokeness being where you only care about others and try to do better in public.

Psychology graduate with interests in values and morality, cognition and executive function, and High Functioning Depression. Kiwi living in London, UK.

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