Alan Duval, MBPsS

Mar 16, 2021

2 min read

You missed the bit at the start where the six things that did not lead to reduced crime (all staples of conservative politics) had no effect on reduction in crime.

I appreciate that the politics and the day to day life are not the same thing, so let me say this about each of the things you mention: A 'conservative life' may work, but only if:

We have a more expansive definition of what constitutes work. For example, child-rearing and housework should be directly recognised as work, regardless of the gender of who undertakes it and it should therefore not be seen as a gap in work, lots of soft and transferable skills are developed in this environment (which may explain wy women in their 50s are found to be the best managers).

Graduating High School is important, but only if the subjects are relevant to the expanded definition of work outlined above.

It is not necessary to get married before having children. It IS necessary to have a stable home (which marriage has never guaranteed). Of course, this loops back around to the point of the article, because many women seek abortions because they don't have a stable home life and/or are not married. So, indirectly, on the matter of marriage and children, you're supporting the premise of the article.

PS If it's self-imposed, it's not eugenics, by definition. Republican policy on the social safety net (which reflects conservative policy pretty much anywhere in the world, to a greater or lesser extent), starves poor people of resources and opportunities. Lack of resourcing leads to lives that are nastier, more brutish, and shorter. These poeple are disproportionately minorities or suffering mental health issues and have shorter life expectancies because of this approach. That is eugenics.

Psychology graduate with interests in values and morality, cognition and executive function, and High Functioning Depression. Kiwi living in London, UK.

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