What's depressing about the US right wing's demonization of the so-called left is that, the demonization continues almost entirely because the left have the temerity to point out that those on the right are their own worst enemies.

From being anti-sex education (and anti-abortion) and then wondering why single-mother families are endemic (and then punishing), to the desire for small government that leads to the voting in of a party that consistently expands the role of government. It's very hard to explain to people that don't engage in joined-up-thinking why the solution is a complex interplay of interacting parts that hasn't been near a GOP platform in at least a decadeand probably nearing on 20 years.

From an outsider's perspective, the most confusing thing of all is that what the American right calls "left", i.e. Democrats, is mostly centre-right by world standards. To claim that the Democrats are socialists or that Obama (and by association Biden) are (or were) radicals is laughable. And the American right seem completely incapable of understanding that.

I should say, on that last point, that the political leaders that employ the tactic of painting Obama and Biden as radicals of course know that they're not, but far too many of the supporters are not aware that it's not true and thus unaware that their leaders don't actually believe what they're saying.

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