Alan Duval, MBPsS

Nov 25, 2020

1 min read

"There is so little racism about the place these days"

How would you know? Is it because you haven't experienced it firsthand? That's a faulty barometer (it only measures the atmospheric pressure in certain circumstances, i.e. when you're in a position to experience it).

"that people like you"

People like Shane? Do you mean black people? Or just black people with this particular set of opinions? Either way, I think you just experienced racism, which makes a lie of the first sentence.

"are so desparate to find it (racism)"

I think you'll find that "it" finds "them", in the same way that you found Shane but don't find experiences of racism "out there".

"that you are forced to scrape the bottom of the barrel and come up with this ideological drivel."

The man talks about lived experience and you call it ideology. Wow.

And you call yourself an egalitarian and humanist? That's just embarrassing.

Psychology graduate with interests in values and morality, cognition and executive function, and High Functioning Depression. Kiwi living in London, UK.

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