Then again, there was:

- no mention of the killing of protesters by vigilantes (and no mention of abductions by hyper-militarized police and no mention of the many, many more peaceful protests - much less the reasons for the difference)

- no mention of the theft of millions to prop up the Trump campaign followed by the doubling-down on tax breaks and corporate welfare

- no mention of the fact that the GOP set the precedent in not appointing to the Supreme Court in the final year of a president's term, just to do exactly that this time.

As for the Green New Deal. Recall that the original New Deal is why America was great at all in the 20th century (and the top tax rate was 90+% for all of the 50s, most of which was under Eisenhower, a Republican). Renewable energy is creating more jobs than fossil fuel and growing faster, despite the lack of corporate welfare.

So, if you're prepared to ignore all of that in order to vote for Trump, one has to assume that it's for personal economic reasons, the alternative is less palateable to all.

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