Sorry, but this is way off the mark.

For starters, three of those things (1, 2 & 4) are symptomatic of ADHD - so a person with ADHD will probably do those things, irrespective of their intelligence (if they happen to be fairly high functioning, then they will conform to your rules because they have ADHD not because they're intelligent). Need I point out that acting on impulse (your remaining point, 3) is not just symptomatic but definitional of ADHD.

Additionally, the use of the world impulse might be a red herring here, in the same way that 'intuition' often is. Impulse and intuition work on what your brain is focusing on, if you spend a lot of time focusing on a handful of topics then your impulses and intuitions, as they relate to those topics, will be right more often than not. Ipso facto, acting on impulse and being "right" more often than not is a by-product of focus, not necessarily intelligence.

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