Someone raised in poverty will have an IQ that is 15 points below what might be expected based on their genetic potential, due to environmental issues such as nutrition, education and overcrowding.

So, how do you propose that such people make plans that will work, especially where the barriers to success are complicated and systemic?

Oh, and if you get a poor person to think about monetary matters, that induces worry, and that has been found to reduce a person's intellectual abilities by 12-15 points.

If you take an average American and reduce their IQ by 30 points, you end up with someone with an educationally subnormal IQ.

So, I ask again, how do you (conservatives) propose that such people make plans that will work? Especially given the fact that GOP policies uniformly benefit the rich and do nothing for the poor (the very policies that people who are pro-small government should be against, mind you).

Also, the only things Trump has succeeded in are allowing 200+k unnecessary deaths and allowing Obama's fiscal policies to carry on improving the economy... except for the bit where Trump failed to respond to COVID and allowed employment numbers to tank.

If unemployment is at an all time high but the "economy" is doing well, what are the chances that the metrics used to define this serve the GOP and not its poorest supporters?

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