So, what, we're also going to ignore that it was Trump in conjunction with Cuomo that enabled the National Guard to do that work?

Meanwhile Trump was activey blocking other Democrats, calling them "snakes", that sort of thing.

^Then there's the whole 'the virus is a hoax" thing, I'm sure that had no impact on the death toll.^

The fact that Trump activated the National Guard in such a way suggests that he knew he was lying.

Anyway, let's go a little deeper:

According to that article, New York is one of the few states that only counted nursing home deaths if they occurred in the nursing home (thus not counting nursing home patients that had been hospitalized). That means that if people were sent back to nursing homes and died there, they would be counted in the Covid death in a nursing home column, right?

New York had fewer nursing home deaths per capita than any other state. And bear in mind that the hospitals were reaching capacity at the point that people were being sent (back) to nursing homes.

It's almost like it's even more complicated than you're making out.

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