So, first you admonish people for relying on history too much and then you then explain why Trump isn't Hitler, using... the lack of exact parallel with history.

Maybe Trump and his original handlers realised that you don't need to disappear individuals with competing views and decent press coverage because of the Streisand Effect. Maybe the approach must be different in a radically connected world? That would be a reasonable assessment if we are aware of history but not relying on history.

Maybe the parallels between the reliance on bullshit from the Elders of Zion and QAnon need to be taken more seriously. Families are disintegrating because some people get zombified under the latter's thrall. A motivated masses is probably more important than an apathetic populace, now, because then you can install your self as dictator by popular consent. Given the notorious apathy (and, failing that, suppression) of Dem voters, it would only require the onset of business-as-usual apathy for the energized Qultists to vote the Mango Mussolini back into power.

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