So America wasn't at all responsible for the defining and enforcing of reparations that Germany had to pay for WWI?

The payments (and the loans from US investors to support them) that devalued the Mark and caused the collapse of German society leading to the rise of Hitler weren't at all due to America either, right?

Also, speaking of remembering history:

The UK lost 384,000 men which, whilst less than the US, is, proportionally, much, much more.

The US only entered the war because of the increasing threat to the US itself, it had nothing to do with saving Europe. The war started in 1939, not 1942.

The Islamo-fascists in Europe exist because of US adventures in the Middle East (as a continuation of the balls-up that Europe, but especially the UK, created by drawing up geo-politically ignorant boundaries). However, given that America currently has its own internal problems with far right extremism on the rise (of which Trump is just a symptom) you might want to sort out your own house before pointing the finger at others. But then, America has spent a lot of time telling everyone else how to live whilst failing to live up to its own example. So, nothing new there.

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