"Here's a fun exercise..."


"Find out who organized the capitol protest."

That implies a single person. So far, one of the organisers has implicated several congressmen, I guess the ensung investigation will find out.

"And when you find out it's a black guy, rethink your entire race baiting theology."

One of them was a black guy. And Ben Carson is in Trump's cabinet. Because no-one has ever acted in their own self interest while throwing others under the bus. Come on, man, you're better than this.

"And then realize that everything the media tells you is a lie."

Are you seriously going with the "Fake News" line? Guess what, that is fake news. Only people that rely on a handful of news sources are surprised when it turns out that there are many points of view. Only an omnivorous diet of news sources and a sizable dash of scepticism can get you through.

"Also—in all the BLM protests and riots, not a single person was killed by the police. Those lasted 6 months."

But several people were killed... and Carl Rittenhouse ended up being lauded at the GOP National Convention.

"In the capitol protest, which lasted less than 6 hours, a woman was shot and killed by police.

She was white."

And a police officer was killed, and he was white.

The BLM protests had a huge police presence, the Capitol Coup had a minimal police presence, despite an FBI warning being posted to DC.

Had there been more police, that woman wouldn't have been shot. Indeed, I doubt anyone would've gotten into the Capitol.

Your false equivalence is galling, to say the least.

I'll leave you to decide why dozens of heavily armed militias weren't seen as a threat that warranted a police presence, but unarmed peaceful marches warrant tanks and teargas. Take all the time you need.

"Both sides are being pawns for other people with agendas that don't benefit them in any way."

Oooh, conspiracy theory. Next you'll be telling me that Q is real and that the NWO is imminent.

Psychology graduate with interests in values and morality, cognition and executive function, and High Functioning Depression. Kiwi living in London, UK.

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