"Conservatives, for all our faults, also trust the economic market more than we trust the government. Why?"

I'll tell you why, because the people you vote in to government are predictably very bad for the majority of people, serving only themselves, their friends/family and the donor-class.

"Because the behavior of corporations and business is predictable (they all want to increase profits) and what is predictable can be harnessed and managed. Politicians, however, who make up the government, are not so predictable, are often bought by the highest bidder, and are often beholden to donors."

The corporations ARE the donors, so your point fails on its own terms. The inevitable result of greater profitability -- particularly if it has been gained by the lifting of restrictions -- is businesses that want even fewer restrictions and even greater access to untaxed profit.

In other words, they become entitled. You know, in the same way that conservatives often claim that people on welfare become entitled. It's weird how you won't apply your own logic to corporate welfare (like the $20+ billion given to the already profitable fossil fuel industry).

Furthermore, most conservatives want to reduce the very laws required to "harness" and "manage", whether because they're pro-market or pro-small government (or both), so I'm finding it hard to take your position terribly seriously.

"So, we do not put our faith in them nearly as much."

As noted above, given who conservatives vote for, I'm in agreement with you. I wouldn't put my faith in those politicians either. I don't put my faith in many politicians, but the GOP are so nakedly self-serving it beggars belief.

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