Can you point to one that was actually big, I mean the size of even the smallest of Trump's unmasked and not-socially-distanced rallies?

If you can, are you saying that no-one was wearing a mask? I'd bet the majority were.

All the footage I've seen was predominantly masked and/or lots of small clusters of (apparently) household groups, or just outright small.

In addition, Trump is from the Northeast, and a well-known cheat. Are you suggesting that he played into this technical cheating by confirming the virus exists by claiming to have contracted it? That doesn't make a lot of sense.

Oh, and as to whether the statistics promoted in the media can be verified... of course they can, but you're claiming your own unverifiable facts and hiding behind plausible deniability in saying that they're not. The scale of the conspiracy you're implying is even bigger than that of 9/11 being an inside job.

Indeed, your whole post seems like a lot of claims about opposition team waterboys and not much in the way of verifiable facts. I guess it's admirable that you say that you can't prove and to not ask. However, to extend the waterboy analogy just that little bit further, let's see if any moves are made to tighten up the rules around elections and who obstructs them.

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